Vegetable bowl with smoked tofu and creamy peanut sauce


Vegetable bowl with smoked tofu and creamy peanut sauce is either a plate or a bowl. I love this kind of lunches lately as they offer a never ending list of opportunities to experiment with a combination of ingredients.

The recipe is gluten-free and low in carbohydrates. The creamy peanut sauce is like a cherry on top. The quantities below are suitable for two people for lunch or dinner after practice.

INGREDIENTS for the bowl:
– 150 g carrots (2 medium carrots).
– 150 g green peppers (1 large pepper).
– 30 g sunflower seeds.
– 10 g sesame seeds.
– 250 g smoked tofu.
– 150 g avocado (1 medium avocado).
– 120 g onions (1 medium onion).

INGREDIENTS for the sauce:
– 50 g peanut butter.
– 30 ml of water.
– 15 ml of rice vinegar.
– 15 ml of lemon juice.
– 15 g honey.
– Spices, e.g. ground garlic.

1. Prepare the vegetables, grate the carrots and cut the peppers into strips and arrange them on a plate.
2. Roast the seeds in a pan.
3. Fry the tofu in a pan and add it to the plate.
4. Cut the onion into large pieces, bake it in the same pan as the tofu and add to the plate.
5. Halve the avocado, cut it into thin slices and add to the plate.
6. Using a hand blener, mix all the sauce ingredients and pour the sauce over the ingredients on a plate.
7. Sprinkle with roasted seeds.

Seeds can be replaced by crushed peanuts.
– Other vegetables can be used. However, the combination of ingredients as above adds a Thai touch to the dish.
– The ingredients for the sauce can be adapted to your taste, as well. The addition of fish sauce goes well. If you do not have rice vinegar, it can be omitted it.
– To make the dish vegan, you can replace honey with maple syrup, sugar or omit it.

– Energy value 864 kcal.
– Fats 57.4 g (of which saturated fats 7.8 g).
– Carbohydrates 53.6 g (of which sugars 17.2 g).
– Dietary fiber 18.6 g.
– Protein 42.8 g.