Vegan salad bowl with tofu and mustard dressing


A vegan salad bowl with tofu and mustard dressing is one of the nutritious and varied recipes for salad bowls.

The recipe is gluten-free and is suitable for a two-person lunch. It can also be eaten later whether the portion is too big, as the salad bowl is delicious even later on.

– 400 g white cabbage.
– 335 g tomatoes.
– 240 g cherry tomatoes.
– 180 g plain tofu.
– 180 g smoked tofu.
– 180 g of tofu with basil.
– 125 g of frozen peas.
– 100 g of coconut yoghurt/cream.
– 35 g of green olives.
– 30 g of Dijon mustard.
– 10 g roasted peanuts.
– Spices, e.g. curry, chilli powder.

1. Cook frozen peas in boiling water.
2. Cut the tofu into cubes and the olives into rings. Mix both together with the spices to marinate.
3. Wash the cherry tomatoes and place them on a baking tray with baking paper. Bake cherry tomatoes for 25 minutes at 180 degrees.
4. Cut the cabbage into strips and tomatoes into cubes. Place them in two salad bowls and cooked peas.
5. For the dressing, mix the coconut yogurt and mustard to get a liquid mixture, which you pour over the rest of the vegetables. Add water if needed.
6. Bake the marinated tofu and olives in a pan and stir in the peanuts.
7. Arrange half of the tofu mixture in each salad bowl and add the roasted cherry tomatoes.

– Canned peas can be used, as well.

– Energy value 1,296 kcal.
– Fats 73.3 g (of which saturated fats 10.6 g).
– Carbohydrates 64.3 g (of which sugars 7 g).
– Dietary fiber 13.1 g.
– Protein 98.9 g.