Tomato soup with pumpkin seed flour and tofu


Tomato soup with pumpkin seed flour and tofu – 5 ingredients – 5 steps. Simple, fast and delicious. Although pumpkin seed flour could also be used for thickening, it plays a role in taste in this recipe. The taste of tomatoes and pumpkin flour are a great complement.

The recipe is gluten free and vegan. Use it as an appetizer for a family lunch (without tofu) or as a stand-alone lunch dish for two.

Wondering how to use pumpkin seed flour in your dishes? Take a look at a few other pumpkin seed flour recipes that prove it fits in both “salty” and “sweet”.

– 500g of tomatoes.
– 360g tofu with basil.
– 300ml of water.
– 150ml soy cream for cooking.
– 30g pumpkin seed flour.
– 10g Mediterranean spice mix.

1. Cut the tomatoes into cubes and cook them in a dry pan to begin to excrete water.
2. Add water and spices and cook covered for fifteen minutes.
3. Remove from heat and mix with a hand blender. Some tomato pieces can be left to make the soup thicker.
4. Add the soy cream and bring to a boil over low heat.
5. Meanwhile, cut the tofu into cubes and fry them in a dry pan to get a crispy crust.
6. Serve the soup in a bowl and place the tofu cubes on top.

– If you want a thinner/thicker soup, adjust the amount of water.
– Instead of soy cream, you can use cow’s cream for cooking (the soup will not be vegan) or coconut milk (canned).
– Tofu can be omitted and, therefore, the soup prepared only as an appetizer.
– Tofu can be replaced with roasted chicken breasts, which you tear into small pieces (the soup will not be vegan).
– Also, pumpkin dumplings could enrich the soup.

– Energy value 960 kcal.
– Fat 56.6g (of which saturated fat 19.3g).
– Carbohydrates 43.9g (of which sugars 8.6g).
– Dietary fiber 6.4g.
– Protein 72g.