Sports Sunglasses Oakley Radar Ev XS Path Prizm Road – Optika Poljšak.


The Oakley Radar Ev XS Path Prizm Road are the sports sunglasses I use besides Oakley Radar EV XS Path Youth Prizm Field. Basically, they are the same sunglasses, the only difference is in the lenses. This is also This is also a factor in the decision which sunglasses to take for a practice. Accordingly, I would not say that I like one more/less.

The sunglasses are designed in such a way that they hold back the rain, at the same time allowing air to flow so that you are not sweating under the glasses. The sunglasses also does not limit the field of vision. On the contrary, the field of vision in their upward view is extended. visibility in the upper field of view increases. The frame is impact-resistant and made of light material, so the glasses are not moving during the activity and are not in the way.

Prizm Road lenses enhance color and contrast so you can see more detail, making them especially useful on tarmac to notice more than usual. This does not mean that you will see a car that you would not have seen before, but that it will sharpen your vision in the sense that you will see a crack or a pit on the road more clearly. The lenses can also be easily replaced, allowing you to adapt them to the given conditions.

The sunglasses are available in adult and youth sizes. With youth sunglasses, there is also a hard protective case that protects the glasses from damage.