I came across sport bra Spirit bra last autumn. It seemed wonderful to me and it was one of those things you know you have to have. For quite some time, I was pushing my sister to buy it together, and she was persistently preventing me with weighty arguments. On my birthday, it became clear to me why she was doing this – I got it as a gift by her.

Blush spirit became a new piece of my sports clothing and later on Sky spirit was added. I can only praise to of them. From comfort to top design, beautiful colors, materials and the Slovenian brand that has paved its way to the market. When I got the first one, the story behind the brand was not clear to me. I realized it’s not just a sports top, but a family of girls who support, motivate, understand each other and spread their spirit. It is a pleasure to be a part of this story, to get their inspiration when I run out of my own, and to pave my way forward.