Pumpkin seed flour brownies


Pumpkin seed flour brownies may seem more of a “sour” snack than a “sweet” dessert by name. However, pumpkin flour works well for both – sweet as well as sour.

Two “sour” ideas for using pumpkin seed flour:
1. Pork-vegetables with pumpkin seed dumplings and pesto.
2. Pumpkin soup with pumpkin dumplings.

The recipe is gluten- and sugar-free as well as vegan. Brownies come out extremely soft and juicy. You can have them for breakfast (three times) or snack (six times).

– 380ml mineral water.
– 200g almond yogurt.
– 180g strawberries.
– 100g sugar-free chocolate.
– 80g pumpkin seed flour.
– 40g chia flour.
– 30g roasted hazelnuts.
– 10g psyllium husk.

1. Melt chocolate.
2. Mix the dry ingredients, ie. pumpkin seed flour, chia flour and psillium.
3. Stir the almond yogurt in the dry ingredients.
4. Add chocolate and mineral water while mixing with the mixer.
5. Transfer to a baking tray and spread evenly.
6. Garnish with berries and chopped roasted hazelnuts.
7. Bake for 30 minutes at 180 degrees.

– Soy or cow’s yogurt can be used instead of almond yogurt.
– Two eggs can be used instead of chia flour.

– Energy value 1.423 kcal.
– Fats 86,7g (of which saturated fats 30,5g).
– Carbohydrates 83.7g (of which sugars 37.1g).
– Dietary fiber 49.4g.
– Protein 74.5g.