Pork-vegetables with pumpkin seed dumplings and pesto


Pork-vegetables with pumpkin seed dumplings and pesto seems quite complicated; however, worth the effort and wait because it turns out extremely delicious.

Recipe is gluten free and suitable for two people lunch.

INGREDIENTS for pork-vegetables:
– 1l of water.
– 300g of pork.
– 120g of corn.
– 120g of green peas.
– 120g of carrots.
– 30g of celery leaves.
– 10g of celery stick.
– Spices, e.g. ground garlic, ground onion, cayenne pepper.

INGREDIENTS for dumplings:
– 180g of smoked tofu.
– 30g of pumpkin seed flour.

INGREDIENTS for “pesto”:
– 100ml of soy drink.
– 20g of pumpkin seed flour.

1. Cook ingredients for pork-vegetables in a pot for about 25 minutes on a medium heat.
2. In the meantime, blend ingredients for dumplings until sticky “dough” forms. Shape them into dumplings (about 15).
3. Add the dumplings into the pot and cook for 5 more minutes.
4. In the meantime, mix soy drink and pumpkin seed flour.
5. Once the vegetables, meat and dumplings are cooked, we pour out the water (we can save it for a soup).
6. Put the vegetables into the pan and pour over the “pesto”.
7. Cook covered for 5 minutes to thicken.

– We can skip the steps 5-7 and serve the dish as a soup.
– Save the water in which pork and vegetables were cooked for a soup.

– Energy value 1.157 kcal.
– Fat 44,1g (of which saturated fat 3,5g).
– Carbohydrates 52,6g (of which sugars 9g).
– Dietary fiber 11,6g.
– Protein 132g.