Lentil curry with shrimps is not curry in the true sense of the word as it does not contain traditional curry paste. This time chili sauce is used and the dish is cooked in a curry way – hence the name.

The recipe is gluten free. The quantity corresponds to lunch for three people, but we can also have leftovers for dinner. Served with rice, it can represent a family lunch for four or five people.

– 300ml coconut milk.
– 240g shrimps.
– 200g broccoli.
– 100g onins.
– 100g red lentils.
– 80g corncobs.
– 30ml chilli sauce.
– 10g roasted peanuts.

1. Cook the red lentils.
2. Once cooked, blend red lentils together with the coconut milk.
3. Cut the onion into strips, the broccoli into florets and halve the corncobs.
4. Fry the onions and add the chili sauce.
5. Add the shrimps, cover the pan and cook for five minutes.
6. Add coconut milk with red lentils, broccoli and corn cobs.
7. Cook covered for ten minutes.
8. Serve in a plate garnished with roasted peanuts.

– Replace the shrimps with tofu to make the dish vegan. Dry-fry the tofu in a pan to get a crispy crust.

– Energy value 1,174 kcal.
– Fat 48.5g (of which saturated fat 37.7g).
– Carbohydrates 103.2g (of which sugars 36.2g).
– Dietary fiber 6.9g.
– Protein 68.5g.