Hazelnut-kiwi pancakes


Hazelnut-kiwi pancakes will delight you with their fluffiness and you will be looking forward to trying them again in different combinations of flours and fruit.

The recipe is gluten free and without added sugar. Treat yourself for breakfast with it.

– 1 egg.
– 100g egg whites.
– 80g kiwi.
– 30g hazelnut flour.
– 20g hemp seed flour.
– 20g sugar-free chocolate.

1. Mix all ingredients except chocolate in a blender. Some kiwi can be left for decoration.
2. Bake the pancakes in the pan.
3. Melt the chocolate and pour it over the pancakes.
4. Decorate with the remaining kiwi.

– Use forest fruits, banana or blueberries instead of kiwi.
– Use walnut flour instead of hazelnut flour.

– Energy value 479 kcal.
– Fat 24,2g (of which saturated fat 8,2g).
– Carbohydrates 22,9g (of which sugars 8,3g).
– Dietary fiber 12,5g.
– Protein 40,7g.